Saints vs. Bears. The defense finally shows up.

+) After being the main culprit in losing last year’s playoff game, not looking so hot in the pre-season, and playing like a lackluster unit in the first half against the Packers last week, the Saints defense finally pulled it together against the Bears. 6 sacks, a fumble recovery, allowed only 2 third-down conversions, and allowed only 13 points.

+) The Saints are in their own heads regarding third-and-one situations. I swear they’d rather face 3rd-and-12 than 3rd-and-1. On 3rd-and-12 they scored a 79 yard touchdown. On three 3rd-and-1’s they: threw an incomplete pass, got stuffed for a 2 yard loss, and then ran for 12 yards (maybe on this play they convinced themselves it was another 3rd-and-12).

+) Drew Brees has thrown 6 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in 2 games. Much improved over the 22 picks he threw last year.

+) The Saints defense has 0 interceptions in 2 games. Really, Saints D? You couldn’t manage a single interception of Jay Cutler?

+) The game was more competitive than what the score looked like, 30-13. It wasn’t until about halfway through the 3rd quarter when the Saints started to break the game open. To read the NOLA paper, you’d think the Saints dominated from start to finish. It was a very nice win against a good team, but it wasn’t flawless.

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